Dear Friends and Guests,

After twenty years of running Teluk Iskandar Inn, we've decided to retire and close the inn.

This decision was not easy, as these past two decades were full of fond memories. We have enjoyed sharing meals, stories, and experiences with all of you, in our slice of tranquility by the sea.

We'd like to thank everybody for all of their support and memories. Without a doubt, we will carry them with us as we continue onto our next adventure.

We are seeking parties that are interested in leasing, or purchasing Teluk Iskandar Inn. Please contact us at to discuss potential opportunities.

Thank you so much for twenty years of your support. We look forward to our next adventure!

With love,

Kamariah and Ibrahim


Mersing is a small fishing town a short drive away from Teluk Iskandar Inn. In Mersing, you will find an assortment of shops and restaurants, banks and the post office. Dining options include Chinese, Thai, Malay, Indian, Caf├ęs, Bistros, and Continental. For more information on Mersing, visit We've listed a couple of special things that you might want to try in Mersing.


Wet Market
The wet market is a fully operational market that sells an assortment of fresh food. The most exciting part is the fish market, where the catch of the day is freshly sold. Wear sandals because the floor is wet!

The boardwalk stretches along the shore facing the South China Sea. The best time to go is during the evening, when you'll meet lots of families taking a walk after dinner.

Al-Hamid Cendol
Cendol (pronounced Chen-Dole) is a type of dessert that consists of white coconut milk, thin pandan-flavoured green-coloured flour noodles, palm sugar (gula melaka), red beans, and shaved ice. Sweet corn could also be added. Cendol is a wonderful complement for a hot summer's day.

Hassan owns Al-Hamid Cendol, which is the local coffeehouse that serves the best cendol in town. Years ago, Hassan had started off with a small cendol pushcart, and gradually the number of customers grew. Now he owns a mamak shop that sells an assortment of food and drinks, such as tosai, and teh tarik. However, his original cendol pushcart still stands in front of his shop, where the cendol is still made.

Omar's Gift Shop
Omar is a well known name and face around town. For those who are looking for a gift, or a nice swimsuit, there is Omar's Gift Shop in town.