Dear Friends and Guests,

After twenty years of running Teluk Iskandar Inn, we've decided to retire and close the inn.

This decision was not easy, as these past two decades were full of fond memories. We have enjoyed sharing meals, stories, and experiences with all of you, in our slice of tranquility by the sea.

We'd like to thank everybody for all of their support and memories. Without a doubt, we will carry them with us as we continue onto our next adventure.

We are seeking parties that are interested in leasing, or purchasing Teluk Iskandar Inn. Please contact us at to discuss potential opportunities.

Thank you so much for twenty years of your support. We look forward to our next adventure!

With love,

Kamariah and Ibrahim

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wildboar Sighting -)

Its a good sign of biodiversity.

When Ibrahim and Kamariah first set up Iskandar Inn about 12 years ago there were hardly any street lights and most of the area was still somewhat wild.

Today, its a vibrant community dotted with nice houses, inns and places to eat.

Its a good sign to see hornbills and wildboars still among us ! Nature is still with us !

Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2009 to all !

(contrary to popular belief wildboar don't charge people at random. They are quite shy and stay away from people)


Anonymous said...

It is a place of serenity to getaway from hectic working place. Kamariah and Ibrahim are great people known to me. NATURE is beautiful. Yup! During my family gathering, wild boar is spotted! what an experience.. also collected some honey from little beehive nearby forest (need an experience person to do this yah, my bro-in law). Day activities will be board games, carem and a nap in giant hammock!! BEAUTY is the best to describe Teluk Iskandar Inn. Sleep with clean white mosquito netting/veil, leaving window wide opened, experiencing cool night breeze and sounds of waves.. Perfect place to relax!! Highly recommended. 3 thumbs UP

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